Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Dog Days of August

Dogs feature prominently in the lives of many and in sayings that linger and carry on through generations. There are the "dog days of August", and here in Central Ohio winters bring too many "three dog nights." I've heard people say "hot dog!" enthusiastically and they weren't ordering lunch.

During special weekends here on campus you see alumni, parents and friends who dress like they have been "puttin' on the dog." And, recently I heard a new sentiment--not really a phrase but a thought that proves dog prominence: "I don't know where dogs go when they die, but that is where I would like to go."

I think our Annual Fund can be described using dog terminology, too. Our volunteers (and staffers, too) "work like dogs" all year with the shared mission of garnering as much support as possible to fund learning and students. We seek out the "big dogs"--and work to train the "young pups" who later serve as our great volunteers. We appreciate everyone who gives and "doggedly" works so hard and gives so much. Doggone it, we really do.

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