Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Anything Yields to Success

My sister makes wallets out of books. Yes, you read that correctly. My sister does indeed make wallets out of books. How does one go about making a wallet out of a book? Why would you make a wallet out of a book? What inspired this action? I don't know the answers to those questions. I don't even know how to sew a button on a shirt, let alone make a wallet out of literature. What I can tell you is that there are some very trendy stores that are now selling these wallets in the Los Angeles/West Hollywood metro area for a lot of money.

(sidenote: Another natural question to ask would be: "If you knew that you were going to make wallets out of books, why did you spend thousands of dollars attending The Ohio State University?" I asked my sister this very question and received an answer that can't be written in this blog due to some choice and colorful language.)

Astronomers have found a nebula near the center of the Milky Way that is shaped like a strand of DNA. Most nebulae (I hate when words in a plural form don't end in "s". I don't know why- it just kind of irks me) are in random blob shapes, much like my pottery projects turned out in 7th grade art class. This one, however, has a distinct shape. It's pretty amazing, especially considering that it is so close to the gigantic Black Hole-thing in the middle of the galaxy, sucking everything around it into another dimension or whatever Black Holes do.

"Jason, where are you going with this? I mean, sure, I like wallets and nebulae as much as the next person, but why would I want to read about this on an Annual Fund blog?" you might be thinking to yourself. This is why I like OWU- such active thinkers.

I submit the following paragraphs to you as an example that there is always something new, be it in products or science or Barry Bond's system (c'mon, you can't actually think he got to be that big by just lifting weights. I've been lifting weights for three years and have lost weight). Therein lies my point: there has to be something new that can be done for fundraising- be it in mailing, visiting, calling, e-solicitations, everything. I am on a quest to discover this new innovation.

If this quest leads me to dressing like a narcoleptic chicken on personal visits to get you to support the Annual Fund, so be it. If I have to create a direct mail piece featuring a green bean casserole, I will. I'm sure that when (if) I do come up with an innovation, I will stumble upon by mistake, just like Christopher Columbus mistakenly found America (although I hope I don't spend my last days in a Portuguese prison, up to my eyeballs in debt, and an embarrassment to my country). I will NOT cheer for the Cincinnati Bengals or Reds, though- everyone has their limits.

No matter what I do come up with, it will be in a public forum for all of you to see. If nothing else, it has to be better than Crystal Clear Pepsi or "Joey." I mean, c'mon. Just put a camera in my office. It would be more entertaining than that.

The Blog has a New Look

If you've been a valued reader (and I know there has be a couple of you out there. Maybe?), you'll notice that the blog actually looks like the rest of the website. After months and months of sweat and procrastination (99% the later), I updated the blog coding with the coding from the website. I felt that the uniformity might make this blog seem more legitimate. Something needs to; the writing sure isn't.

I am fascinated by how you've made an Annual Giving blog a joy to read. You manage to make it informative and weirdly entertaining.

I now know that I must step up my giving to OWU. If you can make a fool of yourself on this blog, I can manage to give a few dollars. By the way, how does one dress like a "narcoleptic chicken?"

Please continue to incorporate green bean casserole into your posts.
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