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Fraternity Challenge Overhaul and Other Stuff

The OWU Fraternity Challenge has undergone some major changes the past couple of months. In keeping with the spirit of the NCAA's Bowl Championship Series (BCS), which changes its scoring method daily, the Fraternity Challenge staff and leaders decided to make the scoring more fair and difficult (but not as difficult as the BCS. You have to a valedictorian from MIT to understand the BCS).

Starting in February, the Fraternity Challenge began tracking the following three factors: participation, total dollars raised, and average gift per donor. Each organization is given a score for each dependant on where they rank. These scores are then added together to give each organization a Total Challenge Score* (TCS). The highest TCS is the leader. For example, in this month's rankings, the boys in Sigma Alpha Epsilon were ranked #1 in Total Dollars (14 pts), #1 in Average Gift Per Donor (14 pts), and #4 in participation (11 pts), resulting in a TCS of 39. To check the updated standings, visit the OWU Annual Fund website at

We're still looking for leadership in some of the fraternities to take Evan Corns and the boys in SAE on. If you feel up to the Challenge, call me at 740-368-3944 and let me know. Bring it.

* I tried to think of a snappy name for the TCS, but this was the best that I could come up with in short notice. I guess it could have Supreme Score of the Fraternal Order (SSFO) or Ultimate Show of Executive Support of Ohio Weselyan in the Highest Order Score (USESOWHOS), but it is too late now.

I See Shipps on the Horizon...

Congratulations to Mark Shipps '70 on being named Vice President of Univeristy Relations here at OWU. This is another time I was trying to think of something witty to say, but my thoughts keep going back to when I was 16 and my Dad would say "What did I tell you about being funny?" I would reply "That I'm not funny." Then he would smile and say "That's right."

So in interest of my continued employment at OWU, all I will say is congratulations to Mr. Shipps (or is it Vice President Shipps?), we look forward to working with you.

More Mailings on the Way...

It is that time of year again: the robins are hopping around, little deer and bunnies are opening their eyes for the first time, the world is awakening from its winter slumber, and the Annual Fund is gearing up for the Spring Mailings. Ah yes, Spring Mailings- what a glorious time of year. I know that all of you are extremely excited to see what ideas I hatch for the Annual Fund and Team OWU mailings, which is probably the reason many of you haven't given to the these respective causes yet. "What can Jason think of next? First, the smiling Bishop in the fall, then the Bishop in the Santa outfit at the holidays. How can he possibly follow that up? What could he possibly have up his sleeve (gasp)?"

I know- I wonder that myself. If you really don't want to find out, there is an easy way to miss out on my next piece of Direct Art (instead of "direct mail'): make your gift online to the Annual Fund and Team OWU and you won't get anymore mass mailings from the 2005-06 Annual Fund.

For those of you attending Alumni Weekend, I will be on campus. If you bring your mailings that I created from the past year, I will sign them for you and increase their value. They will be a collectors' item.

Jason, saying Shipps is on the Horizon makes me want to say, "That Shipps has sailed," The "Shipps" hit the fan (and it's "FAN"-tastic)! But we know now that Shipps happens...and that makes what is on the horizon even brighter.
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