Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Can't You Feel Like I Do?

There is a twinge of electricity in the air in Delaware. Maybe it is the earth coming out of its winter slumber, greeted by the warm spring breezes. Maybe it is the sound of cracking bats and sizzling grills of baseball games. Or, and probably the most likely reason, it is the knowledge that the new Team OWU and Annual mailings are going to out soon! Yes! That has to be it!

You can probably feel the anticipation wherever you are as well. In fact, I know many of you are watching your mailboxes like kids waiting for a package from Kellogg's. That is unless you have already made your gift to the Annual Fund, meaning you won't receive the mailings. I know this is the reason why many of you have not made your gifts yet to support Ohio Wesleyan and its students, faculty and mission- you want to complete the set. I understand.

If you have made your gift earlier this year and still want to complete your set of the 2005-06 Jason Thompson Direct Art series, just e-mail me at and I will send you the mailings that you need.

Fraternity Challenge- Would You Look at That?
We have a good old fashioned barn-burner in the Fraternity Challenge. This is turning into a Mavericks-Suns or the UCLA-Northwestern bowl game (all scoring, no defense). As of last month, Phi Gamma Delta took the lead from Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Wouldn't you know that fired up the SAEs? They had a HUGE month, jumping up $17,000 dollars and 1.5% in participation and thereby moving into a tie with the Phi Gams, who did their part to keep pace with a 1.4% participation increase of their own.

Whoa Nellie, it's getting hot in here.

Tribe Update
Has anyone else been watching as my first place Indians have a 6-1 record and are hitting .324 as a team? It's like the mid-90s with pitching. I'm going to break out my Paul Sorrento jersey. I'm more excited than dog sniffing a fire hydrant.

Random Thought of the Day
If you feel the need to entertain yourself during the day at work, try this:

On a random Tuesday or Wednesday, call someone in your office that you don't know very well or talk to very often, but you need to be acquaintances. This isn't funny if you don't know the person at all. Identify yourself and state that you are calling to make sure that they got home all right last Friday.


Cindy: "Hello, this is Cindy."

Me: "Hi Cindy, this is Jason in the Development Office. I was just calling to make sure that you made it home all right on Friday."

You have to certain to have a dry voice and do not laugh. The response that you receive is priceless. You will either receive a response of utter confusion or sarcasm (almost anger), like "I'm here now, aren't I?" Also, you have to be pretty certain that nothing actually bad DID happen on Friday. This is vital.

I'm serious, this is funny.

It's the little things that get me through the day.

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