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Don't Make Me Beg, Because I Am Not Above Doing So

Here we are: the final 9 days of the 2005-06 Annual Fund. We've made our appeals, you've received your Jason Thompson Direct Art Series pieces, talked to our student callers. If you haven't made your gift yet, the time is now. If you don't, who knows if this blog can remain? The Annual Fund helps pay for it. I took a sabbatical last week from here to let you remember what your life was like before the AF Blog. I know that many of you were scared and saddened by not having this in your life. (I'm trying to make you act, a lot like school districts when they threaten to take away busing or sports if a levy doesn't pass but they continue to pay 47 assistant superintendents $200,000 each year- there is my social commentary for the day).

Make your gift today.

C'mon, make your gift. Please? PLEASE!?! You have to; please, please, please (I'm making a really sad face right now; I even have tears in my eyes). You know you want to; make your gift.

Stupid Lunch
We had a monsoon this morning. Torrential downpours, thunder lightening, everything. After it stopped raining, I went to Rally's for lunch. If you've never been to the Delaware Rally's, it has two drive-thrus to make orders faster (see illustration). If you go to the left drive-thru, you have to get your food from the passenger side. Also, the Rally's driveway has a gigantic pothole/canyon, which I hit, causing water to explode all over my car with my window down. I'm surprised that my axle didn't break.

So now I'm all wet, but I really wanted a burger, so I kept on task. As I was ordering, another car pulled into driveway and hit the pothole; time moved in slow motion. The car hit the hole, causing another water explosion. I saw a tidal wave coming toward me, and before I could react, I was soaked again. While I was looking down and cursing, another car drove by and the same thing happened again. When I pulled up, the Rally's worker laughed and made fun of me.

To top it all off, the burger wasn't even that great and my fries were cold.

This Week's Awkward Rant About Stuff That Doesn't Have Anything to do with the Annual Fund
How can Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson be so rich for doing absolutely nothing expect being born? They were babies on a T.V. show for a couple of years and now cajillionaires? They have dolls and clothes and cell phone wallpapers and Gameboy games and straight-to-DVD movies*. And what happened to Jodie Sweetin? To top everything off, their brand is their names with no spaces (mary-kateandashley). Some marketing guy made a ton of money, and all he did was sit in a meeting which he wasn't prepared for and said "Uh, we could just take the spaces out from between their names." And then his boss was like "Genius!"

It is time for me to cash in on this craze. That is why I am proud to announce the creation of JasonandMike-Dewitt. Yes, you read that correctly: the OWU head basketball coach and the Assistant Director of Annual Giving joining forces to turn the fashion and entertainment world upside down. Following our successful ventures together during the previous two Alumni Weekends, Coach and I are going straight to the top.

We will be releasing a clothing line (both active and formal wear inspired by the garb that we wear every day to work), CDs (a comedy CD by Mike and a compilation of old favorites and new hits sung by us, including Forever Young and the OWU fight song), books (the first entitled "How to Beat a #1 Team: a Retrospective Look at Leadership," the second being an advice/self-help book written by us), movies (the initial movie will be called "Me and Mike DeWitt" and will follow our cheeky and crazy antics leading up to and through Alumni Weekend. Mike also finds love and Jason solves a mystery with the help of a crazy cartoon hippo), and a line of coffee beverages and energy drinks called "DeWenergy."

Keep your eyes peeled.

* Note: I refuse to watch any movie that wasn't in theaters prior to going being available on DVD. If the movie wasn't better than 13 Ghosts, which is the worst movie ever made and it was in theaters, then I refuse to even let it taint my DVD player.

So, Matt somehow discovered your AF blog, and I had to read it right away...below are my thoughts.

A) Why the heck would you eat at Rallys when Vaqueros is right up the street? Shame on you. You deserve to get soaked and laughed at by a Rallys worker for passing up Vaqueros (we have good Mexican down here, but I sure do miss Vaqueros).

B) This is the CRAZIEST blog I have ever read, Jason Thompson. I think B-school has driven you insane.

C) Tell everyone at OWU that I said hello. Good luck with these last few crazy weeks of FY 05-06.
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