Tuesday, June 06, 2006



Whoa. Look at the date.


I was going to wait and write the blog tomorrow, but then I remembered the date and I knew I had to write something. Maybe the devil made me do it (ZING!).

I read that there were a bunch of pregnant women who were due today that induced their labor yesterday just so that their baby would not be born on 6/6/06, or the Number of the Beast (I should find an Iron Maiden concert to attend tonight). On the other hand, that would be a great conversation starter for the kid at a bar in college. "Hey Baby, I was born on 6/6/06. Want a drink?" or something to that effect. I have to keep it clean- this is a family blog.

Because these dates are a marketer's dream (see the new version of The Omen being released today), I tried to remember what I did on each of the number/date correlation thingys:

01/01/01- New Year's- I believe I spent the day recovering from the party the night before. I don't think I even realized that this whole number thing existed.

02/02/02- Groundhog's Day- a couple of friends and I were sitting (at 3 a.m.) around watching Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray and realized what the day was. We promptly got into my car and drove to Punxsutawney, PA, to celebrate the "Phillennium*" (I have a shirt that says that). It was like Spring Break in February in the middle of nowhere.

03/03/03- Absolutely nothing happened. How worthless and full of missed opportunities.

04/04/04- Perhaps the most important of the number/date correlation thingys, this was my 24th birthday. I celebrated by going out with my friends and stumbling into a quarter-life crisis.

05/05/05- I think this is my cousin's birthday. I can't remember. This is right up there with 03/03/03.

06/06/06- Today. I have a grad school final today- talk about evil incarnate. Those things are scarier than anything Hollywood can dream up. I'm sweating and screaming already.

* for those who don't know, the groundhog who decides whether we have six more weeks of winter or not is named Punxsutawney Phil. There are statues and murals of him all over the town. It's actually kind of creepy, but then again, where I come from, we have cheese factories and Amish people everywhere.

Annual Fund Update (since this is the official OWU Annual Fund Blog)
The Annual Fund is chuggin' along- but we need your help. While the last of the 2005-06 Jason Thompson Direct Art Series was sent out in early May, we're still in need of support for the Annual Fund. Later this month, if you gave before April 1, you'll be receiving a letter asking for an additional gift. While this isn't a Direct Art piece (meaning you probably won't hang it on your fridge), please consider giving again to the Annual Fund.

If you are a LYBUNT (hooray acronyms!) or Last Year But Unfortunately Not This, you will be receiving a letter asking you to renew your gift from the previous year. We need your help to beat the goal.

If you do help us, maybe I'll make up another fundraising acronym.

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