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Calendar Update

I know that many of you are getting all antsy in your pantsies to know the Annual Fund calendar for the 2006-07 fiscal year, and I am happy to report that it is almost finalized. I say 'almost' because while yes there is a calendar, we hold the right to change, delete, or add anything we want on the schedule- so it will be almost finalized until June 30, 2007, which is New Fiscal Year's Eve 2008 (wait until that party- it will be a humdinger). That is when we will begin 'almost' finalizing the 2007-08 fiscal year schedule.

Ah, commitment is a refreshing dip in a cool swimming pool.

Some AF Calendar highlights:

August 21- the first 2006-07 Jason Thompson Direct Art Series piece (also known as the Fall Mailing) is mailed out.

September 10- Browns vs. Saints (Home opener- I have tickets)

Late September- student callers begin calling in support of the Annual Fund.

October 22- Browns vs. Broncos (I have tickets, Browns record: 5-0)

October 23- Jason is off to recover from festivities of October 22 (Browns record: 6-0)

October, November- more mailings, calls, Annual Fund stuff.

November 26- Browns vs. Bengals (I have tickets, Browns record: 10-0)

November 27- Jason is off to recover from festivities of November 26 (Browns record: 11-0)

December, January- Holidays, other stuff.

February- Browns win Superbowl.

Oh yeah, mailings, calls, etc.

Skip to April 4- Jason's birthday

June 30, 2007- Annual Fund makes goal, blog wins Pulitzer Prize.

As you can see, we have a busy year ahead of us. I'm not sure how we'll fit it all in.

An Explanation of Last Week's Blog
There have been some questions as to why there was a picture of David Bowie in the last blog and what he has to do with the Ohio Wesleyan Annual Fund. To those who say "I don't understand what Labyrinth has to do with OWU and the blog, even though David Bowie did look funny in that picture," or "Just because David Bowie hasn't made a good movie since Labyrinth doesn't give you the right to make fun of his Livin' on a Prayer-era Bon Jovi hair in this blog," I submit the following:

David Bowie, whose captivating (yes, I did use the word "captivating") performance in Labyrinth catapulted him into other various TV and movie roles in the 80s and 90s. This included a guest star role on the TV series Dream On as Sir Roland Morecock (episode 15: entitled "The Second Greatest Story Ever Told") which aired July 7, 1991. On that very same episode, the role of Judith Topper was played by one Wendie Malick, who was a 1972 graduate of Ohio Wesleyan, a former OWU commencement speaker, and a supporter of the Annual Fund. I am also a supporter of the Annual Fund and a writer of this blog.

Connection made.

Now you know how Bowie (also known as the "Thin White Duke") is connected to OWU and the blog. Ol' DB (as I call him) and I are basically BFFs (Best Friends Forever), and it is all because of our OWU connection.

I think the point of the annual fund blog is to put the spotlight on the annual fund (wow!). Let's face it, annual giving staff have a tough sell -- people don't always want to give money to the utility bill because it's not super exciting. Still, it's necessary. If your blogs can make people think more about annual giving, then you have succeeded. I personally think about annual giving all the time now. And David Bowie.

Think about great advertising. Sometimes the ads have absolutely NOTHING to do with the product or service. However, unique advertising makes people remember the products or services. A-ha!

Your blog makes me remember the OWU Annual Fund. Keep on bloggin.
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