Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Keep On Bloggin' in the Free World

What is the purpose of this blog? What is a blog? For that matter, why use the word "blog"- it's such an ugly word- couldn't they find something that was a prettier combination of letters?

So many questions and so little time left in my work day.

A blog, according to wikipedia.com, is a connection from one entity to another, such as person-to-person, organization-to-person, whatever. It is like an e-mail, only posted on the World Wide Web so that everyone can read the musings of a certain person (like me). Sure, you can limit the access of a blog to certain individuals, but then you take away the freedom of the blogger and begin to kill the notion of free speech and unlimited access to information that has made the Internet so prevalent in today's society.

Blogs are often at the same time lauded and criticized for the inherent lack of structure and control. They create credibility with their readers, as blogs are often one person's opinions on news and events within the world, their organization, or their lives. This use of honesty and timeliness creates a connection between the blogger and the reader that creates trust. Blogs that are blatantly cheesy or positive all the time are not blogs- they are public relations pieces that are the same as everything that the organization sends out already. Blogs gain readership and popularity through open and honest dialogue that is interesting and timely, thus establishing credibility and (hopefully) enhancing the relationship between the organization and the reader.

The goal of this blog is to give the Ohio Wesleyan Annual Fund a human side. Too often, development offices view their constituents as potential donors or numbers- a means to a goal. On the flip side, individuals view the development office as only asking for money and quickly moving on or "Those guys who always call and ask for money during dinner." The reality is that all of us want what is best for the University and care how we reach that goal.

By allowing this blog to be as open and honest as it has been is because the leadership of Ohio Wesleyan are willing to allow this connection to be made; and we can laugh at ourselves and the situations presented every day. In their book The Leadership Challenge: How to Get Extraordinary Things Done in an Organization, James Kouzes and Barry Posner define credibility is defined by three criteria: trustworthiness, expertise, and dynamism. Leadership is then a direct result of credibility.

OWU is a leader because they are willing to let this credible connection to be created. We can laugh at ourselves; we have fun while working; we love Ohio Wesleyan and enjoy improving the University for the future.

Annual Giving News
The Fall/Late Summer mailing is at the printers as we speak. Check your mailboxes.

The Team OWU goal for this year has been set at $145,000.

Latest Item That Has Nothing To Do With The Annual Fund
Below is my favorite famous-guitarist-hitting-someone-with-their-guitar moment ever.

I think my favorite part is Mick Jagger's apathetic reaction and his outfit. Notice how he watches the entire episode without missing a word in the song. After beating the guy, Keith Richards nonchalantly puts his guitar back on and continues playing. True professionals.

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