Friday, September 29, 2006


Raffle What!?!?!, Part Deux

I know I've beaten this to do death in the past couple of weeks, but the "W" Association Dream Tickets drawing is officially open. If you buy a ticket, you and a loved one (I volunteer myself) go to Glendale, AZ to watch the Buckeyes play so poor schmuck team for their second National Championship in four years. You get a two-night stay and car rental. Plus, I'll even wear my AJ Hawk jersey when you take me with you. Only 200 tickets are being offered. The proceeds benefit the OWU Athletic Department.

Let's review: for $100, you get a chance to watch the Bucks win the National Championship, do whatever people do in Arizona for two nights (I hear there are many lizards and cacti there), and get to hang out with me (when you take me). That's not just win-win, that's win-win-win.

The website for this dream vacation is

I'm still looking for that one person to buy all 200 tickets at one time.

Marketing News
I found out this week that Ohio Wesleyan is the midst of a branding movement. This means trademarking the Bishop and other stuff like that. For example, you won't see the Bishop leaning on just the "W" anymore:

Instead, he will be leaning on the "OWU." (In a moment of irony, I could not find a picture of the Bishop leaning on an "OWU").

Personally, I like the "W" more, but then again, I'm just the Assistant Director of Annual Giving and sometimes I can't tell black from dark green (as my co-workers will attest), so my opinion is nothing. I do think we should trademark his frown and get rid of the Smiling Bishop (see last week's blog). Also, from now on, when I use the word Bishop®, I will be using a registered trademark symbol (the circle with a "R" in it).

What brought this on? Well, a couple of weeks ago at the football game, an entrepreneurial student had made shirts of the Bishop® in a jock strap that said "Ohio Wesleyan Athletic Supporter" on the back. I'm not going to say anything except that I would like one of those shirts, but only for an example of what not to do.

In related news, I will be trademarking Floyd, The Annual Fund Garden Gnome later this week. Don't even think about using him anywhere without paying me.

On Tuesday night, in between my econ and stats classes, I went to buy a Coke® when I looked in the food vending machine and I saw a candy bar-sized Bit-O-Honey®. I couldn't believe my eyes- I hadn't had a Bit-O-Honey® since I was, like, 6 and I remembered loving them. I have absolutely no idea what they're made from, but I remembered they were great. And they were never the size of a candy bar; no, they were small morsels of manna from Heaven.

I bought this giant Bit-O-Honey® (later- as in Thursday- I realized that thing has probably been in that vending machine for approximately 5 years. I doubt Bit-O-Honeys® go bad) and tore into it. I had forgotten how chewy they were and how impossible it was to get the wrapper off of them; no matter what, when you eat a Bit-O-Honey®, you eat some paper, too, because it is impossible to get all of the paper off (just like it is impossible to eat Cap'n Crunch® without cutting the roof of your mouth). Because of the sheer size of this gigantic Bit-O-Honey, it took me the entire class time to finish it and I kept interrupting the class with my battle to get each portion out of the wrapper.

After I was finished with my 5 pound treat, I felt sick to my stomach for a couple of days. I think eating a Bit-O-Honey® is like swallowing gum- I won't be able to digest it for 7 years. But it was worth it.

Oh, was it worth it.

And Finally
Because it is Friday and this blog was late, I will give all of a special treat: a picture of me. I'm sure all of you are wondering who is Wordsmith that writes the Best Annual Fund Blog® ever. Well, here you go. This picture was snapped a couple of Fridays ago when I was leaving from work a little early- I may be hard to see because I am camouflaged as a tree (in my off time, I moonlight as a Ninja®).

probably the lamest ninja costume i've ever seen.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : Saturday, September 30, 2006
Get back to work you slacker........
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : Saturday, September 30, 2006
Why would anyone want to take you on a trip? You are one.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : Monday, October 02, 2006
I'm very disappointed.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : Saturday, October 07, 2006
Go Hollway. Go Hollway. Go Hollway. PLEASE!!
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : Monday, October 09, 2006
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